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Supporting the Dynamic Supply Chain

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Supporting the Dynamic Supply Chain

Prolog Partners is a consulting team focused on helping our customers get the most out of their supply chain. With decades of experience in supply chain improvement projects, we focus on bringing the right technology and the right people to support your business goals.

In today's supply chain, its more important to be flexible than it is to be perfect. With the right technology and the right partners, you can quickly add value to your supply chain and be prepared for the exciting (and often unpredictable) future of your business. 


At Prolog Partners, we offer specific services to support your supply chain initiatives. Services include:

  • Warehouse Management System Implementation
  • Current Supply Chain System Analysis
  • Cloud Implementation Strategy
  • System Integration
  • Managed Services



Prolog is a proud Oracle partner supporting our customers with Oracle's leading cloud-based supply chain applications.



Justransform, a strategic partner of Prolog, provides a best-in-class integration platform.


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